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Big in Minibus services in Amsterdam, just let us know your ground travel wishes and we will arrange it. Call or E-mail us and we will react in 12 hours with an answer or quote 

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Affordable luxury with our Minibusses  in Amsterdam! At Minibus Amsterdam, we believe in providing top-notch transportation for the airport, cruise port and corporate travel transportation.

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Enjoy competitive and transparent pricing for our luxurious minibusses. We strive to offer value for your money without compromising on quality. Ask for a quote and be surprised

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Minibus Amsterdam

Private tours Minibus Amsterdam

Private Minibus for all your tours in the Netherlands or Amsterdam

Every traveler venturing into the Netherlands, Belgium or any European city brings with them unique aspirations. Often faced with the challenge of not knowing where to go or which path to explore, our solution lies in offering guided private sightseeing tours with a guide. In style and luxury, an adept chauffeur leads passengers through the city’s beauty.

Designed for enthusiasts of global exploration seeking personalized city tours or holidays, our private sightseeing tours extend across the Netherlands and various European cities.

Whether you’re an individual wanderer, part of a small group or orchestrating a sizable gathering for business or leisure, our meticulously crafted tours cater to all. Elevating your experience, our private minibus service in Amsterdam, accompanied by a skilled chauffeur/city guide, ensures that your visit to the Netherlands or any European city is both enriching and delightful.


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Chauffeur service in Luxury buses

Our skilled chauffeurs navigate the roads, ensuring seamless and comfortable tours.

Discover the epitome of convenience and elegance with our Minibus Chauffeur Service. Immerse yourself in a refined tour experience as our skilled chauffeurs navigate the roads, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey. Our well-appointed minibusses provide a luxurious setting, whether for tours in the Netherlands or Europe. Experience the personalized touch of our chauffeur service, where professionalism meets comfort, promising a tour experience that goes beyond transportation. Sit back, relax, and let our dedicated chauffeurs and guides take care of the details. Travel with confidence, sophistication, and unparalleled service with our Minibus Amsterdam Tours Service.


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Minibus Amsterdam

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Minibus in all sizes

Luxury minibusses in various sizes are available for your travel needs. Experience comfort and style in every journey with our fleet of well-maintained minibusses. 8,9,10,11 or more we have enough seats for you!

Direct VIP Service

Minibus Amsterdam, an independent division of Direct VIP Service, offers premium minibusses for your comfort and convenience. Elevate your travel experience with our dedicated and reliable services.

Services with a Smile

Minibus Amsterdam provides VIP service with a smile, ensuring your journey is not only comfortable but also delightful. Experience the joy of travel with our dedicated service.

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